Monday, May 4, 2009

Visa doesn't know the meaning of the Word.

How good it is to be in God's word. I remember a time when I literally would not let one day go by without reading from it. I get this picture in my mind of what we look like on the inside. Like, how if you cut a tree open, you can see that time has created many rings in the wood. Only I feel more like a rock... that kind that's made up of layer after layer of sheets. Like God's Word has laid layer after layer of substance in me that has made me stronger. (Which is really helpful when I'm feeling especially weak.)

Even now... I hear the dog whining by the door outside. She is used to routine and I always give her a bowl of food when the kids leave. (Ok, I got up and fed her!) But I wanted to do things on my time today... then somewhere within me I hear a still small voice. It's that verse in the Bible that talks about a righteous man feeding his animals. And when I look around at a dozen different messes made by child # 4 (and Paul) and I remember the verse that a woman should stay busy in her home. And my new desire, to conquer a part of my flesh that is strong... I hear my stomach growl and I deny it, because of the verse that says, like an athlete we should beat our bodies into submission... food for the stomach and the stomach for food... not food because I have an emotional need. Layer after layer after layer of righteousness inside of me... none of it my own. In truth I have none on my own. As a matter of fact on my worst day... I am down right vile.

Isn't it interesting how God, Jesus, the Spirit and the Word are all intertwined? They are all working together to make me into... a beautiful package... one that I am encompassed in. I am the sad and pathetic gift that Jesus will someday present to the Father. He made me, He grew me, and He saved me so He could present (look at both meanings of that word) me to his Dad. Like how a child makes a sad and droopy gift for his Dad on Fathers day... and the Dad sees it as the most beautiful thing ever created... something He will treasure forever... Jesus presents me. Only somehow, like a butterfly, I go through some kind of metamorphose. When He places me in the Father's hand, I am no longer pathetic... I am lovely, I am righteous, I am desirable, I am priceless!!! A home made gift, becomes a store bought costly jewel because a price was paid for me that changed my worth!!!

So as those layers continue to make me who I am going to be... and as the pressures of life make me strong like a diamond... and as the refiner brings me through each fire, scraping off the dross... you will see me for who I really am. I want to see you there too. I want to see you the way God sees you... priceless!

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