Friday, May 1, 2009

Kisses from Katie!

There are just some people who stand out. Sure you've got your actors, your models, your singers and the like... but those people stand out because they want to stand out. They have gone to great lengths to be known. I know some people who shine on a whole different stage.

A few months ago a young girl came to our church to speak. I think her name is Katie Davis. At the age of 19, when most kids are going off to college, she felt called to Africa. I don't know how she got there (who helped her set up), but she has adopted 13 kids there, and feeds and cares for 300 a day. I can barely fight back the tears as I think of her. She is awesome! The truth is, I want my son to marry her and move there and help her be the hands and feet of God, but I haven't figured out how to have them meet :) If you want to leave my blog and go look at hers, you would be better off for it. As a matter of fact, if you have one dime in your pocket, send it to this woman for she will doing nothing but beauty with it.

I also think of Melody Green. For anyone who doesn't know her husband, he was an incredible musician. His music reaches a whole new generation of people who are seeking God. (Again, feel free to leave this blog and listen to one of Keith's songs.) So, Melody is on my friends list. She added me cuz we tight like that... or more so that she adds everyone. But her posts are constantly about her God. Keith and two of her kids, died in a plane accident in the early 80's (No Compromise, by M. Green greatest book ever) and I wondered, without her husbands incredible passion for God, how she stays as focused as she always is. It just occurred to me this morning... she's got Heaven on her mind all the time. With half of her family there... Heaven is more than just a wished for place... it's where her heart lies.

I've known many people who stand out like these two. They are shiny. It's truly the holiness of God. The funny thing is, they are completely down to earth... they don't fold their hands when they walk, or have a blank stare when you talk to them... they are down here in the mud (Katie literally) living with the rest of us. Their time is spent more wisely, their focus is more concentrated leaving their hearts more on fire, but when you get close to God... when you stretch out your hand, these changes take place naturally.

There were times in my life I was less selfish. Times when I served my God with great exuberance... times when He was the first thought on my mind in the morning and the last at night... if you are a follower, you know what I mean. But we always think 'We will get back to that.' The funny thing is... God doesn't want us to go back... He wants us to go forward. If you broke your legs, would you begin rehab by crawling like a baby? No, you would take new steps, testing out your legs again walking on them as they grew stronger. Every season brings new growth... if Jesus is your Lord, you cannot avoid it for long. I think this verse sums it up best, "He Who began a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it." Thank GOD, I am not always going to be the me I am right now. Heaven is where my heart lies.


  1. Great post! Love the line "she's got heaven on her mind all the time". That's what true worship is, isn't it? Taking our eyes of what's in front of us, behind us, around us, but upward! Thanks for the reminder!

    Great job, Xena.

  2. Beth, thanks for the reminder of Katie and I will be praying that God allow's Spencer to marry her :)