Monday, April 4, 2011

Things women would like to say to men.

"Really? You like my hair in a pony tail on the side like Chrissy from Threes Company? Cause even as a young girl I knew there was something wrong with her."

"Why do you tell me I look better with no make up if every time I have it on you say, 'Oh, you look pretty.'"

"Why is it, with rock climbing, basketball, going out with the guys, golfing, retreat's and basket weaving courses, you spend your whole life working to buy a home you clearly don't want to be in?"

"You know, it really built up my self esteem when you said I was a good cook... until one day I noticed what you were content to eat when I didn't cook."

"Do you remember that one night, when I told you how much I loved it when you left your shoes and socks in the middle of the living room floor every night? Yeah, me neither."

"Thanks for buying me several different outfits for my birthday. None of them are even close to the same size, but it doesn't matter... it's still sweet."

"I appreciate you being so supportive of my work-outs, but if you could sound just a little less happy when I say I'm gonna exercise, that would be great."

"Member how I gave birth to your children, and then fed, clothed, washed and raised them? Yeah... I was wondering if you could do me a favor and please just tell them those 3 little words that are so close to my heart... "Get in bed!"