Friday, November 2, 2012

For the men.

So here's the thing... we can't decide what color hair we will have, nor the color of our eyes. Some things were decided for us before we were shaped in our mothers wombs. But there are many things we do have some say in, yes? For instance, whether or not we will be a dill weed. Most of us don't wake up in the morning and decide we are going to adversely affect someone's world, but once the day gets crackin', we are given that choice. There's a band called "boys like girls." Cause duh. It's a fact, or maybe that's not entirely correct. Maybe it should have been called "boys want girls." Now that is spot on. I know that deep down men want the same thing women want... to find someone to love and to love them in return. Or at least I assume most do. I know there are a few users out there who are just making notches in their bedposts. Prince Charmings for sure. The thing is, most men don't confuse sex with love, women do. I really encourage you young women to wait for the right person, otherwise, you will be used and you will regret it. Avoid the heartache.

Back to you young men though. We've all heard the cliche that men are not in touch with their emotions, but I would imagine that you know pretty early on if a girl is right for you or not. Could I just encourage you, if you know she's not the one, to move on? Yes, she's playing with her hair and batting her eyelashes, I get that, but that's because she wants you to love her, not because she wants to have sex with you. Some will, don't get me wrong, but it's not fair, it's not right... you're using her. And don't say she's using you too, cause in fact while she's still looking for happily ever after in your eyes, you're looking for the closest exit the morning after. You chip away at every person you do that to. They lose confidence, they lose purpose, they lose hope.

I wrote this song today... from her perspective. I hope it speaks to you in some way.
And here she is again, in front of a closet named regret.
She scans the contents, in search of something there that fits.
But it's the same old choices, a blouse of tears, a skirt of broken-ness.
Her heart lies on the floor, it's just a 2nd hand dress.

And there he goes again, he gave her value for a little while.
He got lost in her eyes, he told her that she had a pretty smile.
And for a moment, he had her thinking she was at her best,
but when he left her, he left a 2nd hand dress.

Girl, no man can give you what you need.
Girl, there is a truer love that supersedes...
and until you want it, you'll just have a bonnet of broken dreams.

You ain't no dime-store, you're more like a Vera Wang.
See how you sparkle? Look at those lines, look at the way you hang.
You know you're meant for more, a land of dreams a place called holiness.
So pick yourself up girl, you're not a 2nd hand dress.
Any way, that's all I have to offer for today. I just hope in some way you can see the person inside the flesh. She's real, she matters, she's lasting... just because you go away and forget her, doesn't mean you didn't leave her damaged. How do you know you're a real man? The next time that PYT puts that short skirt on just for you, pat her on the forehead, tell her she has value and walk away. I know you don't believe me now, but someday you'll understand on a whole different level... and someday my friend, you'll realize, you matter too.