Monday, May 11, 2009

I can't help... falling in love with you...

How are YOU today? :) I wish I knew... I have really loved hearing back from everyone... I am beginning to think my blog is something to be ashamed of... no one writes me here... only in my inbox like they're embarrassed to admit they read it. Well, don't feel bad! I would be embarrassed too. Ha! But I do love hearing from you... Sharing life is so important and there is so much to be gained from it.

I already told you about my sweet friend who doesn't know the Lord yet cause he thinks he is an Atheist ;) I truly care about him and his fam. There is another cool dude (I somehow end up with more dude's than dudette's from Scrabble, don't ask me how it happens.) This guy cracks me up... I don't think he'll mind if I share about him... first 'cause no names, but also because he is really outgoing and loves to talk... hmmm... wonder what we have in common. He was divorced last year and I just had this feeling like maybe that wasn't the end for them... His ex is a Christian... he goes to church with her and his kids sometimes... very sweet, but you might think he hadn't spent a lot of time in a church from the looks of his wall.

I actually told him once that his wall was vile. Ha! There was no where I could look without cringing... (He was very surprised by that :) The other day, out of the blue he says he thinks it's interesting that we ended up Scrabble friends... I thought maybe God had something to do with it cause I pray for him and am in his corner so to speak. Anyway, he's kind of a tough guy... likes the bars, the girls, the choice words... stuff like that. So when he said he wanted to become the man God wanted him to be and that his wife needed... I was shocked... Man! God works on His own time. You can pray for someone for decades or 10 minutes... He has a plan for each life... so pray also for this fella and his fam... as for all of us... there's a battle going on for his soul.

I tell you this to encourage you to open up with people... I find it easier to open up with strangers than people I've grown up with. I told my own mom I didn't even want to know she read my blog cause it makes me so uncomfortable to be so vulnerable with those who know me well. But women are especially able to open up fast. You stick two women on a bench and within 5 minutes, they will know each other's life stories. It's just the way we communicate. If a woman holds back while we are vulnerable with her... we're like, "How she gonna be like that?!!!" We expect give and take.

One of my favorite authors is Rob Bell. He has this quote (couldn't find the direct one) that goes something like this, 'Love with an ulterior motive isn't love at all.' I used to go "street witnessing" where you would share your faith with strangers. I have stood toe to toe and head to head with screaming, angry abortionists and men breathing beer down my face as they yelled at me. I always tried to relate to them 'cause I knew if we'd met under different circumstances, we could be enjoying each others company. But I can't fight that battle for their soul. I can only do one thing... love them. And if I am only loving them to see them saved, then I am not really loving them. There have been a few wives/girlfriends who thought their husband was spending too much time with me (believe me, I don't blame them one bit!) and they would make him drop me from their list. Funny thing is... with nothing in common, no chance or desire to meet... I felt like I'd lost a friend. And here I thought maybe they were the ones receiving!

I pray you find a sweet atheist, tough guy, lesbian, old lady, preacher's kid, alcoholic etc., etc. to befriend... all I know is... I'm reaping the benefits as God moves on their hearts.


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