Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To the bat cave! Wait... maybe not.

I am always so surprised when people tell me they have read this blog. I guess it's because I myself, do not like blogs. I have to really force myself to read them. I think it's because I want to interact with the author and instead I feel more like a sounding board. Hmmmm... hope you don't feel that way, but I love when you leave notes so that we can interact. :) Some have told me they like this blog and I wonder if it's because I sometimes reveal my garbage and it makes them feel better about themselves. Ha!!!

I think we all do a lot of hiding. Remember when Adam and Eve were in the garden and when they realized God knew their sin, they tried to hide from Him... in a cave or something. Ha! Seems so silly... like you could hide from God. But they knew Him differently than we do. We have that perspective of a giant God Who knows all things and is everywhere at one time... all powerful. They actually walked with Him. That makes me stop and catch my breath... they walked with Him. Awesome. I can't imagine the loss they felt when they had to give that up. I can't believe I give that up for other things myself. Foolishness.

Do you hide things from God? I don't really. I guess I am aware that He is aware of my darkest heart and there is no cave I can run to where He can't find me. I do notice that we Christians tend to hide things from each other, and the world. I don't know why... we're all the same. Not one without sin... no not one. I get why the secular world can dislike us so. We end up putting a "better than you" kinda vibe out there although most of us never intended to. We just try so hard to be like Jesus, Who was perfect, and somewhere along the way, we forgot we're not capable in our flesh. There is a definite benefit to steering clear of worldly things and seeking after the things of God, but at no point, on this side of eternity, does our humanity enable us to overcome our humanity (or our flesh, as we Christians call it.)

I want to live honestly. So I will start by telling you, I want to hide some things about myself that aren't nice. It's like my facebook pictures. I'm only putting the ones up that shed me in the best light possible... I'm not putting up the wrinkles, double chin, no make-up pictures or anything so vile! :) It's all in the presentation isn't it? Well that may be ok for facebook, but I can't live my life that way. Even if someone were to fall in love with Christ by seeing my example, the best hope I could offer them was to be another me. Ick! Who needs that?! We have to live real in front of each other and the world. Tell people you have an anger, an unfaithfulness, a drug, a drinking problem... it could bite you in the butt, yes... but it was doing that anyway. God isn't done with you yet. That's what He does!!! He heals!!! He rescues us from ourselves! You don't ask Him to be your Lord and then suddenly become perfect. He is a perfecter... He does this job over time.

So yeah, you look great on Sunday morning... you really do. But what's in that heart? Is it empty? Are you dying inside? Are you lonely, hurting, tired, broke and undone? Maybe you forgot playing dress up doesn't make you a Princess. Take off that tiara... find someone you trust (they may let you down... deal with it) but start getting real with that heart. You can't hide it from God and shouldn't hide it from the rest of the world... you know why? Cause they need to know that they're not alone.


  1. I don't put the lids on tight. That's all you're getting out of me.

    Seriously, wonderfully thought and heart provoking, friend.


  2. Message received... thank you... risky email coming your way.

  3. I was just talking to a friend about this very thing! I'm gonna share this blog with them.
    You're the best mommy ever! haha :)
    aw but really.