Friday, April 24, 2009

Mr Darcy, I presume.

My husband has mentioned many times the fact that his grandmother lived in a world that spanned the horse drawn buggy to a man walking on the moon. It changed more for her generation than any other, no doubt! I loved her generation, it was great and momentous and that fact has now been well documented... but out of sheer pleasure, I have to say, I loved the generation before hers too. I get the NPR feed on my home page and apparently today is "Talk like Shakespeare Day." Oddly enough, a Scrabble friend just told me that too! I do love a great tale of romance... and I love me a good Jane Austin story the most! (I'm sure that is how she would have phrased it.) Oh how she knew the heart of a woman! I love the flair that's sent around stating the fact that "Mr. Darcy has ruined me for all other men." Mr. Darcy... mmm... just give me a minute. Yes, I'm ok. The gentile ways are no more and in most ways we are the worse for it.

I was thinking earlier how my kids wont ever know the joy of playing pretend on an unplugged rotary phone for hours. No, they have squawking, beeping, flashing cell phones with princesses and cars all over them. They will have to try very hard to remember homemade fried chicken and ice cream. Home made ice cream... mmm... just give me a minute. Yes, I'm ok. And oddly enough, they will never know a world where grown ups (entertainers) don't know it's wrong to touch themselves in public. How bizarre! And I'm so happy to say, my youngest wont ever remember a nation where a person of color hasn't been elected president! Huzzah! Of course, as much as the world has changed... it stays the same. People have always had, since the beginning of time, the fierce desire to protect what is theirs. Whether that's their country or their family... maybe their belongings... point is, people fight for what they love.

I know there is a spiritual realm. The Bible says there is a battle on for my soul. Me? Are you sure? Every good story, from a Jane Austin novel to Star Wars, came from this original story. Good verses evil. Love verses hate. God verses Satan... and like every great story, a main point that has to be established in order to give the reader deeper understanding is... motive. Why is there a battle for my soul? Because out of the two competitors, one wants to destroy me out of hate for his enemy. He knows that the greater Warrior loves me... the Greater cares about my destiny... The Greater is quiet... He has a still small voice. He doesn't need to scream or shout or force His will on me. He simply, powerfully, quietly, gently loves me... He loves you too. Turn your head oh wayward daughter... oh wayward son... see your Hero... see your King! He's coming soon... coming for you. Have you heard? He is the lover of your soul?


  1. Really good words, Beth.

    Kinda staggering, isn't it...

  2. Yeah... thanks for the mercy comment! Always makes me feel better ;)

  3. In the verses's you forgot daughter verses mother. PICTURE A GREAT BIG SMILE AFTER THAT COMMENT!