Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

#4 child does something with me that I tend to do with God. When she's happy about something I've done, she says I love you.
"Mommy where are we going to eat?" * "How about pizza?" * "Oh Mommy, I love you!"
This cracks my husband up cause she's a beautiful little 6 y/0. I'm thinking it's not as cute when I do it.
"Lord, we don't have money to pay the bills." * "Here, let me provide that for you." * "Oh Lord, I love you!"
Sure it just sounds like I'm grateful, but was I saying or even thinking those words prior to the gift? Probably had my mind set on other things.

It's funny though, how when we pray for something, we are surprised when it shows up. I have been praying for a situation for quite some time now. Something was "off" in my life and I couldn't fix it... believe me I tried. I complained, I cajoled, I stretched it, pushed it, twisted and turned it! So last night, I went to bed praying that kind of prayer that is more sleep than words and this morning... all of the sudden, a noticeable and welcome change. What happened? Why today? Did I change it somehow? No..... hmmmm. Crazy!

Remember that old saying... "forever and a day"? We tend to focus on the forever part.
"I've been praying for this for FOREVER and it's NEVER going to change!"
Let me tell you what I think God's in to... He's in to the day part. He knows what forever is and we haven't even come close. But it's that day part that's so important. It's the day that reveals our patience. It's the day that reveals His answer. It's in that one day that the fruition of our prayer and the revelation of His goodness all come together in one moment of opportunity for celebration. And in that moment... I don't want to be like my sweet 6 y/o and throw out an "I love you God, cause You eased my load and gave me what I wanted." I want to build a sort of altar as they did in the Bible when God moved on their behalf, so that gift wouldn't be forgotten.

So today's question is... Are you willing to trust Him all the way to "that day." And when that day rolls around... what will your response be? To commit to memory what He has done and maybe even tell the grand kids about it... or will you throw out those 3 little words that sometimes don't mean as much as they should?


  1. What a gift it has been to stumble upon rediscovering you, and to discover your encouraging writing. I am sincerely grateful to have these posts to read! Bless you! (You didn't sneeze? Well, then it is just a blessing!) and HUGS!

  2. Oh, and PS- those moments of "answer" from above and reprieve are some of the most treasured moments in life!

  3. Funny and encouraging... you're the total package, girl! :)