Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bucket List

1) Make an album of my songs.
2) Sing those songs to a large crowd (scared of small ones.)
3) Run a marathon.
4) Put all kids thru college, own home, and be debt free.
5) Travel: Alaskan cruise, Mediterranian cruise, Greece, Ireland, Paris, Israel and beyond.
6) Spend 3 months on a private beach.
7) Be in best health possible.
8) Surf and snorkel, sail on our own boat... without being scared of sharks.
9) Publish a good book.
10) Succeed at the things God intends for me to succeed at.

Here are 10... they are the just the fun ones mainly... and they're not in order :)


  1. I can help with 3 and 7!! :) And, if you get on board with AdvoCare, 4 will be no problem!

  2. I love you!!! I'm very proud of you. :)
    That may sound silly, but I mean it.
    I'm almost all caught up on your blogs now, just a bit left. (I read them kinda backwards I guess-- from the earliest one I've missed out on to your latest.)