Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You Go Girl!

So nearly 5 days a week I drone on and on about what a loser I am. Truth is... it's easy material, I can always come up with it :) (Don't comment mom... I know you like me, it's your job :) I always wanted to do great things... I wanted to sing in front of 10,000 people... and I guess in my lifetime I have. I wanted to tell the world that God is real and He really does know and love each child in His creation... I have been on several mission trips... so... check. I always wanted to write a book... I can settle for a blog I guess. Life never turns out quite like we thought it would and we are never as good or bad as we think we are so when I look at my life, I have to look at not what I didn't do, but what I did. I've not had a lot of what would be considered great successes... unless you want to scroll down a bit and look to the left... at those pictures.

Paul loves this quote, "Motherhood: the days are long and the years are short." I love how now-a-days when you say you are a mom... people are quick to jump in and say "That is a very important job." They want to make up for the fact that mom's didn't get much credit for many years. But those well meaning, if not slightly condescending supportive remarks, always make me smile. See, you don't have to tell a mom that her job is important. She knows what would happen to an entire family if she were to disappear. In most cases... total meltdown. There is a balance, having a mom and a dad, that seems apparent. 

I have two older and two younger. My oldest is in her 4th year of college (so yes, I'm prehistoric.) She has a heart for children like none you've ever seen. She wants to be a school teacher... right after she changes the world :) My son is graduating H.S. this year. He may want to be a psychologist... or a Supreme Court Judge... he's not sure, but he's incredibly smart and funny and (when he's home) helpful. My third has the heart of Christ and I couldn't love him more if I tried... he wants to be an inventor. He is very smart and he gives that credit to his dad (nice!) And my 4th exudes all things feminine. The word "orphan" never belonged in her bio for she is a princess to the Nth degree... even if it will be my downfall. She will one day rule the world. 

So with Mother's Day approaching... I will not say all the platitudes about what an important job you're doing... for to those remarks, I have but one reply... DUH! I've always said that being a mom is to create society. Yeah... kinda important. Instead I will give you a Bible verse... (once again without the address for my Bible is upstairs and I don't want to leave my warm blanket :) "Do not grow weary in well doing." Never surrender, don't give up, don't give in... just keep giving... you're the center of their universe right now... you will be replaced someday and that's as it should be. Just keep covering them in prayer and remember these most important words that will get you through the tough times. 'It's just a season.' They wont always be who they are now... but they will be who you are making them. All in... all in.


  1. "...but they will be who you are making them."
    Oh what a wonderful job I did! In all three of you. Wish I could take all the credit but if you could leave your warm blanket you could go up and get that big ol' black book in which most of the credit belongs.

  2. Did you know you can open another screen and open Bible Gateway? Look up any scripture you like straight from your computer? It's marvelous.

    Thanks for your words. Being a mom was the one best thing I ever did. Nothing compares to it.

  3. Yay. I'm not anonymous anymore.

  4. Oh yeah... I always forget that... ha! Glad to see you've come out of the closet. :)

  5. Somehow I missed 'The Pit of Dispair'. Good job. I have just finished with a big job I set up for myself and have been putting off because I have been playing to much Scrabble. The job? YOU ARE NOW PUBLISHED! Well, not in the usual sense. I have been sending your grandma weekly published blogs and printing one for myself. Today I accidently printed the whole shabang. 30 some pages! I am going to put those in a folder and pass it around at church to those who are interested in what Kala's mom has to say.

  6. anybody wanna peanut!?

    LOVE IT!
    You know, one of the best parts about getting to read your blog--I mean aside for feeling like I'm still connected with you somehow, and aside from your wisdom and wit-- is getting to read these comments. It's fun/funny.