Friday, March 6, 2009

Shiny moms and sticky black goo.

The mother daughter relationship is crazy isn't it? I read my moms and my daughters blog and they have been kind enough to read mine as well... so I have to be careful what I say. But anyone who's been a mom or a daughter knows that the majority of m/d relationships can be... filled with ups and downs. I think all women are crazy (of which I am the chief sinner) but we also have incredible moments throughout life where we just shine! My mom had a few.

We are all born blind. Sinners who see through a clouded glass darkly, as the Bible says. We all wear glasses... we just don't know it. We choose the frames (the people we're gonna be) but the lenses are decided by our parents (how we view the world). Most of us know right from wrong. The Bible says God's law was written on our hearts, even though we're all sinners from birth. But there are a whole lot of areas that we call "gray". I like to think that is because of our lenses. When something isn't done the way our parents did it... for good or bad, an alarm goes off. One of the things (out of many) that my mom did right was something I never noticed... but I do now. When I hear someone throw around a name, an implication, a slander, a remark meant to hurt, a memory that should have been forgiven, an alarm goes off in my head. I realize the offender is simply wearing the lenses their parents gave them... gossip must have been the norm in their fam, but because I seldom heard it at home, when I do, it goes off in my ears like a 3 alarm fire.

So to all the mom's out there... just trying to do a few things right (cause we know you're gonna mess those kids up anyway) remember to keep that sticky black goo off your lips. No one's perfect... we all fail sometimes. But gossip is like quicksand that sucks the speaker down to a level lower than the one they're trying to put everyone else on. If you hear it, correct it. If you can't do that... run. You'll be next on their list if you stay.

So thanks mom... just in case you wanted to hear about something you did right!


  1. You are a blogger too? Oh, good times!

  2. Mi-chelle, my bell, I am so glad you stopped by! (Turn off inner song now.)
    Do you know how to follow blogs? I would love to add yours, but I don't know how.

  3. I found your blog by reading the posts on Katie's blog (random?!)...I LOVED your post on NEW HOPE!!!! It was JUST what I needed to hear today. THANK YOU!!!!! (By the way, You have such a beautiful family!)

  4. So nice to meet you! Katie is a super hero! How many kids do you have? I saw MANY!!! Are they all yours? I'm looking forward to reading your blog! God bless your efforts!

  5. ...and here is your mom's comment. I am so happy that you see that I have done something right. Believe it or not, there are a few more but you may not find them for many more years. Happy Hunting...............MOM