Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hi, who are you?

I used to be a cake person. I think am a pie person now.

I support a person's right to bear arms. And I would support an amendment making it much more difficult for someone to get a gun quickly and without a lengthy background check.

I have never been a cat person. I have a fear that I could become one in the future, but I am a dog person and proud of it. (I'm sorry cat friends.)

I believe that everything the Bible says is true, and I wont apologize for that, but I will apologize for the fact that you, as a non-believer, may have felt unloved by Christians in the past.  I can only tell you that God loves you enough to give up everything in order to be close to you... he loves you that much. I can only ask your forgiveness if my example has ever led you away from Him.

I don't like the rain much, but I love the wind. I feel alive in the wind. Like anything could happen.

I love wood. I love the smell, the feel and the look of it. I think carpenters are kinda hot.

I adore my kids, I think they're awesome. All of them in their own way. I love that they make me laugh and I would die for them... they are a gift to me from God.

I don't need to be rich and I've met very few rich people that I was impressed with. Money is like the teen years. It somehow keeps your character from advancing.

I love people. All kinds of people. I like to analyze them, they interest me to no end. I don't know if I'm trying to understand the human condition through each new study, or if each individual is simply fascinating on their own, but I never grow tired of people's stories.

I like compliments and attention. I guess that should be obvious, I think most people do, but I didn't know this about myself till I was 40. In my family, receiving compliments or attention was an open invitation to be lambasted by certain members of the family. I learned to diffuse these two things early on. Now I realize I crave them. Who knew?

Some days I feel kinda sexy, some days I hate to look in the mirror. I think it would be much easier to be a man.

I live in my head far too much.

So this is me, or a bit of me. Would you like to tell me who you are? You could post it on my wall or send it to my inbox or just leave a comment. I would love that. Thanks! :)

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  1. You like the wind? You should have been with me and your Aunt Carol coming home from town a few minutes ago. As usual, I enjoyed what you had to say again.