Thursday, March 26, 2009

Showers of blessing.

So my friend Juday encouraged me to blog again. (My mom did too, but how often do we do what our moms tell us?)

Wanna hear my latest complaint? You'll love me for this one. My life's too easy right now. And let the name calling begin. No, I deserve it :) Child #4 is in school full time, for the first time this year, so I'm home alone. I do some dishes, some laundry, clean a few bathrooms... stuff that feels like work when the little ones are home, but doesn't seem so bad when you have like 6 hours to fill. I spend way too much time on Facebook, and play way too much Scrabble. All that was fine, when I was so sick, but for two weeks now, I have been feeling pretty good. First time in 2 or 3 years, unless it's a temporary thing. (Please let it last!!!)

So I've been through this before... 2 kids in school and me home alone... and I started praying, "God, you gotta give me a reason to exist for those 6 hours." I would love to get a job. I NEED to get a job, but till we know if my new found health is going to last, I am a little nervous to jump in. The last time I asked God to fill my days, he gave me the greatest joy... child #3. That gift just keeps on giving. Have you ever seen a child that says he's sorry, immediately and sincerely when he is reprimanded? Who takes his little sister aside to say, "Do you understand that the only reason mom yelled at you was so that you wouldn't get burned by the pan?" while his mom kept on working in the kitchen?... Who could read a library full of books in one night cause he just can't stop himself? He is just sweet on top of good... he's kinda shiny. I love this kid.

I heard the best story the other day about a little girl who loved this sad little set of plastic pearls. She used 'em up and wore them out! Her daddy came home one day and tried to take them away, but she wouldn't let go. When he finally convinced her, which took some doin'... he replaced them with a shiny new pair of real pearls all her very own. I adore this story, don't you? What a perfect picture of us and the things we hold onto while our Father tries to replace our tattered objects.

The point I got out of the story was that I had this life that many people might really think they want... not too busy, not too hectic, just enough to feel productive... but it doesn't really fulfill. Maybe you're overly busy and you're feeling the same way... "I just need that thing that God is holding for me, if I can just let go of the life I cemented my feet into." I am in that place where, if I continue to be well, I want my arms open for that blessing. I want to see what God will give me this time... another child, like child #3? Not sure I could handle another child #4, I told you, she's sort of an avalanche of blessing :) I don't know what God might have, but I'm gonna ask Him if He thinks I'm ready. As much as I love cleaning toilets and playing Scrabble, I could sure use a new way to fill those 6 hours. I'm ready Lord... don't let it flood, but start the showers... I need to get wet.


  1. I am so happy you are back and so VERY happy you are still feeling better. Ima gonna take this particular blog to church and read it to all those people who have been praying for you for so long...............MOM

  2. I don't know what I enjoyed more...the blog or CP's response to it! How sweet! I join her in continued prayers for your good health! He knows His purpose for you and I can't wait until He reveals it to you...we wait with that anticipation that it's gonna be good whatever it is!!! Luv ya!